MS and mental health session


In this pre-recorded video we hear from James York who is an accredited counsellor and has extensive experience working with people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Session overview

This session is an opportunity to learn about the common issues from a mental health perspective that people experience living with MS. This will help identify how a diagnosis can impact on psychological wellbeing and how you can use self-help strategies to improve and control the effect of the common issues.

James will discuss the common issues that people living with MS experience, these can include

  • Acceptance, grief, anger and guilt
  • Anxiety and fear of the unknown
  • Uncertainty around changing signs and symptoms
  • Lack of self-compassion and self-criticising
  • The impact to relationships

We will then hear about the strategies and positive self-talk you can apply to improve your mental health. Examples explored in the session are

  • Compassion for self
  • Use of breathwork
  • Journaling
  • Grounding techniques
  • Mindful attention
  • Plus other opportunities for additional support

So please register for this information session to gain a better understanding on the impact of mental health and the approaches you can make to improve and help you live better.

You can read and download our MS and Mental health Choices booklet if you’d like to learn more too!

A bit about James York

James is an accredited counsellor since 2014. He’s worked in the NHS, established a counselling service for young caregivers, and supported veterans with a national charity. Currently, he’s with the Ministry of Defence, assisting armed forces personnel.

James provided mental health support for Team UK at the 2019 Invictus Games and a team in 2023 for the US Air Force Trials. He also has experience working with individuals with MS during his time with MS-UK’s counselling team

How to book

To join this session, please login or register in our Portal area. The session is free to join if you have a monthly or year subscription. You do not need a subscription to join, as you can register and provide a donation for the class. The suggested amount for the class is £5. If you unable to make a donation, please contact us to see how you can access the online classes by emailing

A recording will be made available on the portal after the class and can be viewed if you have purchased a ticket either before or after the class has taken place.

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