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Past Events

04 June - Guide to weight management with MS

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This information session on ‘Weight management and MS’ was presented by Jenna Cox, a registered nutritional therapist.

You’ll learn in this catch-up about the link between the impact of weight, disease progression and disability, as well as insights into the mechanisms behind effective weight management and why typical diets often fail. Jenna provides practical nutrition and lifestyle advice for sustainable weight management.

The session covers

  • – Research on the impact of weight on MS disease progression and disability
  • – Factors contributing to weight gain including ultra processed foods, the gut microbiome, different types of fats, hormones (e.g. thyroid hormones, insulin, cortisol, leptin) genes and movement
  • – Dietary recommendations
  • – Lifestyle recommendations

11 June - Unmasking loneliness and building connections

    • Katie Hunter-Waite from Coaching to Contribute, joins us for this session where we explore the concept of loneliness, distinguishing it from solitude and isolation and examining the current significance for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).
    • Recognising loneliness involves understanding its emotional and physical manifestations, both in ourselves and others. We discuss how loneliness feels, identify physical symptoms and learn to recognise signs of loneliness in various contexts. This awareness is crucial for effectively addressing and managing loneliness in our lives, allowing us to live our lives as fully as possible.
  • Session outline

    What is loneliness?

    • – The differences between loneliness, solitude and isolation
    • – Giving context to the role of loneliness in our past and present
    • – Challenging the stigma of loneliness

    Recognising loneliness

    • – Understanding what loneliness feels like
    • – Recognising how it manifests physically
    • – Identifying loneliness in ourselves and others

    Managing loneliness in ourselves

    • – Sharing effective ways to prevent and resolve loneliness
    • – Reflecting on what’s relevant in their own lives
    • – Discussing what’s likely to work best for people impacted by MS

    Being a loneliness ally to others

    • – Considering how we might show up as a loneliness ally for others
    • – Meaningfully connecting with another participant in a pair discussion
    • – Committing to one action we can take for ourselves and/or others

19 June - Helpline question and answer session

  • Watch our recent question and answer session, where Laura, Ryan and Shaun from the MS-UK helpline answered other MSers burning questions.

21 June - Foot drop Masterclass with Alan Pearson

Join Alan Pearson, a Level 4 Exercise Coach specialising in long-term neurological conditions in this session on foot drop and MS.

Alan will in this masterclass

  • – Discuss the challenges of foot drop and its impact on daily activities
  • – Demonstrate beneficial exercises to support functional capacity and maintain a neutral foot position
  • – Introduce equipment such as foot drop stimulators and foot orthoses
  • – The session will also explore the global effects of foot drop on the body, including impacts on sitting, standing, and walking.