Multiple sclerosis support

Living with multiple sclerosis (MS), and all its uncertainties, can bring a range of challenges. Although every individual’s journey with MS will be their own, sometimes we all need a bit of help, support, and care from others around us.

Whether you are looking for what help is available to you, the person you care for, or would like to find out what support is in the community around you, these web pages on care and support will be useful.

In the UK wide survey of family resources (2021 – 2022) it was found that seven per cent of the population were informal caregivers. That’s 4.9 million people with a caring role. Click the button below to find useful information about carers rights, local carer support, carers respite breaks and more.

Living with MS can sometimes limit daily ability and make day to day tasks a challenge. If things are becoming too difficult and you need some extra help, then using care and support services may be right for you. When you click on the button below you will find useful information about how to access care services, including getting a care needs assessment and what is included in the assessment, the help you may be able to get, care costs, care in your own home, care homes and more.

MS-UK is aware that loneliness and isolation can be an issue for people living with MS. Local, grass roots community groups and organisations can help in a variety of ways. Whether your goal is to join a group and expand your social and support networks, increase your activity levels, explore an interest or get help with applying for benefits or filling in forms, there are likely to be organisations that can help. Click the button below to find information on community organisations, charities, community wellbeing schemes and more.

We also have our very own peer pod session dedicated to supporting care givers. This is a space where you can meet people in a similar position about your feelings and experiences on the first Tuesday of every month.

Simply click the button below to learn more and join today!