Men’s Peer Pod

It is a well-known fact that men find it much more difficult to talk about their feelings than women. With poor mental health increasing significantly in recent years, even before you factor in a life-altering diagnosis of a condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS), it’s more important than ever to seek support from those that truly understand what you’re going through.

Having a network of supportive peers with whom you can offload without fear of judgement can help immensely. Being able to share coping strategies, encourage, and motivate on the difficult days and laugh with on the good can really make a world of difference to how you live your life with MS.

It is for this reason that we created a Peer Pod that is just for men. It is a welcoming and supportive online space where you can meet others who may be facing similar challenges. The pod provides the opportunity for you to speak openly and freely about mental health and anything that matters to you, whether MS related or not.

This Peer Support Service take place every Monday at 2pm via Zoom.

If you would like more information about how to join this or any of our other peer pods, please contact our Peer Support Coordinator, Vicky at

Meet your Peer Pod host…

Hi, I’m Chris. I was only diagnosed in 2018 with RRMS then moved on to PPMS in 2019. My interests are football and rugby league, and my grandchildren.

I joined MS-UK for the online activities like the Accessible Exercise Sessions and Chair Yoga and got so much out of it, that I decided to volunteer to help with the Peer Support Service.