Men’s Peer Pod

This pod, as the name suggests is for men and these sessions have no particular theme, which means the topic of conversation is about whatever the group choose to discuss. Whether that’s the latest headlines or simply catching up with one another from the week before, the group offers the chance to share stories, listen and learn from each other.

The men’s peer pod has been chosen by the MS community, as they understand that there may be some discussions around MS which can be difficult to talk about, particularly when they are sensitive subjects, so we hope that by having this group, people will feel more comfortable discussing the topics that really matter to them.

When – every Monday at 2pm via Zoom

For details to join the Zoom session, please email Vicky Timmins, MS-UK Peer Support Coordinator peersupport@ms-uk.org.

Find out more about our Men's Peer Pod host...


“Hi, I’m Chris. I was only diagnosed in 2018 with RRMS then moved on to PPMS in 2019. My interests are football and rugby league, and my grandchildren.  I joined MS-UK for the online sessions for exercise and Yoga and get so much out of it, that I decided to volunteer to help with the Peer Support service.