Let’s Talk MS podcast with MS-UK

MS-UK has launched a new podcast, Let’s Talk MS. Hosted by seasoned journalist Ian Cook, who lives with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), each episode features conversations, interviews and insights from experts and people living with MS.

Our first episode features TV’s Ice Man Wim Hof, who explains how the ‘Wim Hof’ method can help to manage the symptoms of MS. We also hear from Sally Darby who talks about disability and motherhood.

Episode 2 is all about the people with MS who are using holistic tips and tricks to manage their MS.

Listen to teacher Yvette Sargood, who lives with MS herself, tell host Ian Cook all about mindfulness can help you. It’s so easy – why not sit somewhere comfy and join in as she leads Ian through a simple five-minute mind exercise anyone can try?

Episode 3 is a deep-dive into cannabis-based medication. Ian Cook interviews Professor Mike Barns, Chief Medical Offer of Drug Science, and asks why the UK is so far behind other countries when it comes to medical cannabis.

We also hear from an MSer who gives an open and honest account of her first few months using Sativex.

Finally, Linda Elsegood, founder of the LDN Trust tells Ian why how low-dose naltrexone changed her life, and why she’s fighting for access for all MSers.

Episode 4 sees Ian talking to HR expert Rebecca Armstrong about multiple sclerosis and the workplace, plus the common symptom of dry eyes.

Episode 5 discusses how functional exercise is the best way to boost your body when you have MS. We also hear about the non-antibiotic treatment for recurrent UTIs.

Helping you live better with MS – listen today!