Therapy Centres and other Services

Are you looking for local support to help you manage your MS? A place you can meet others living with a neurological condition, and be treated by professionals offering a variety of therapies, such as physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, reflexology, massage and many more? There are several therapy centres around the country that can help you. Please read on for more details.

Neuro Therapy Network

The Neuro Therapy Network (NTN) is a registered charity which represents independent therapy centres that are based in the UK. Their membership also includes centres based in Jersey and Gibraltar.

Up until July 2023 this organisation was known as Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres (MSNTC) and its member centres provided access to therapies, events and a wide range of support for people affected by MS. It was renamed to better reflect the many other neurological conditions that member centres can support.

Each therapy centre is a charity in its own right, and their existence depends on funding, which is usually provided by means of individual donations, fundraising efforts, plus service user and membership fees. The level of funding and available resources for each centre can differ substantially, hence the range of services, events and therapies each one offers can vary greatly.

To learn more about the network and locate a member centre that is close to you, please visit their website by using the button below.

NOTE: There are some therapy centres that are not members of NTN. These can be found via internet search engines using keywords and terms such as ‘MS therapy centres near me’.

MS Trust – services near me

The UK-based charity MS Trust provides a useful interactive map on their website which can find many different MS services, using your locality and distance as parameters.

The list of MS services that can be located using this map includes

  • Neuro/MS therapy centres
  • Disability living centres
  • Hospitals with MS services
  • MS nurses

You can find the MS Trust’s ‘MS services near me’ map on their website.