Guided meditation sessions

Woman sitting on bed doing a Seated Meditation session

With the great amount of interest shown in the taster session held in September 2023, we have decided to make our Guided meditation session a regular activity in the portal!

Join Tracy (our chair yoga teacher) for our sessions focussed on guided meditation. The practice of Meditation is aimed at quietening our thoughts and minds. There are many styles and techniques to explore. In this session Tracy will briefly introduce what Meditation is and guide us through a particular guided meditation practice. Meditation forms a key part of a complete yoga practice and by allowing the mind to take constructive rest, it can be a powerful way to enhance overall health and wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.

With regular practice, Meditation can help you to

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Switch off from the regular “chitter chatter” of the mind
  • Be more mindful and compassionate with yourself and others
  • Improve rest and sleep
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve breathing
  • Move towards happiness and contentment

Each session is 45 minutes and closes with a discussion. The guided meditation itself will last for approximately 30 minutes. It will be best to take the guided meditation either seated or lying in a comfortable position.

How to book

To join this session, please login or register in our Portal area. The session is free to join if you have a monthly or year subscription. You do not need a subscription to join, as you can register and provide a donation for the class. The suggested amount for the class is £5. If you unable to make a donation, please contact us to see how you can access the online classes.

A recording will be made available on the portal after the class and can be viewed if you have purchased a ticket either before or after the class has taken place.

If you would like to know more or you are having trouble registering, please contact us at