Corporate support

Thank you for thinking of us

Here are MS-UK we offer a variety of different corporate events for you and your employees to get involved in and team build while doing something really good for the charity!

We aim to put people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) at the heart of our work, and we’d love to put MS-UK at the heart of your work.

We are here for anyone affected by MS – that’s around 130,000 people in the UK or one in every 500 people, with about 130 people diagnosed every week on average, and 2.3 million worldwide. MS-UK aims to empower people to live healthier and happier lives by improving the understanding of MS and providing support where it is needed most. We’re here to make sure nobody faces MS alone and your support that makes possible for even more people.

Business benefits
You can choose to get involved in one of our corporate events, donate to us, offer gifts in kind, or make us Charity of the Year. However, choosing MS-UK means you’ll get something back in return…

Team building
Employee fundraising can improve staff morale, bond teams together and increase staff’s commitment to a company. Supporting MS-UK means you can do this and have lots of fun along the way. Or why not book one of our corporate events, such as The Big Purple Games!

Use our expertise
Whether you want to host an MS awareness event at your office or find out more about reaching disabled people across the UK, our staff are here to support you and your team.

Raise your profile
We’re here to shout about your support, whether that is through our marketing channels or within our professional networks. By aligning your brand with MS-UK, you are positioning your company next to a high quality, professional charity with over 20 years experience.

Get your staff on board
We offer exciting volunteering days at some of the biggest UK sporting events, as well as opportunities to take part in them on behalf of MS-UK.