Four week mindfulness course

We will be hosting introduction sessions as a taster for our four-week mindfulness course, allowing those who are interested in finding out more about sessions before committing to a course.

What: Mindfulness introductory workshop for our four-week course 

When: Tuesday 21 February 2023 at 10:30am or 6pm  

Where: Zoom 

Introduction to Mindfulness for people living with MS 

Mindfulness has been shown to help people cope better with health conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and ultimately improve quality of life. This introduction session aims to provide an introduction to mindfulness for people with MS and kick start their practice. 

If you would be interested to learn more about what mindfulness is, and the researched benefits for people with MS, try a short guided practice and information on our upcoming four-week mindfulness course, then please join us for our introduction to mindfulness session on Tuesday 21 February at 10am or 6pm. 

Course start dates for March will be announced in the session. 

The course

Purpose of the four-week course
To provide an introduction to mindfulness for PwMS and to kick their start practice. It is designed for those who are not able right now to commit to the full eight-week course.  This shorter course offers a less intensive option for people who may have difficulty committing to the longer eight-week option. The course itself will still offer a good introduction to mindfulness and allow you to begin developing the skills to practice mindfulness for all the benefits it can have.

Focus of the course

Participants will learn the essential skills of mindfulness over four weeks in a small group, exploring together and individually, how mindfulness may help them to live to more easily with their MS.

You will start to learn how to

  • Relate to yourself and your MS in a more kind and compassionate way
  • Use your breath and body to help reduce the harmful effects of stress on MS
  • React less emotionally and respond more skilfully to the challenges of living with MS

You will need to commit to

  • Attend four 90-minute Zoom sessions including practice, group discussion and teaching
  • Personal practice (approximately two times ten minute practices) each day over the four weeks – the more you can do, the more you will learn
  • Just give it a go!

If you are interested in learning more about the four-week course and when the next courses will be starting, please contact us at register@ms-uk.org

Start dates

As with all our online activities, there is a suggested donation for both courses. For our nine-week course, the suggested donation is £40 and for the four-week course, the is a suggested donation of £20.

If you would like to know more about the mindfulness courses or when the next courses start, please email register@ms-uk.org.

Yvette’s bio

My name is Yvette Sargood and I am delighted to be offering a four-week mindfulness course for PwMS through MS-UK.
I am a qualified mindfulness teacher with a MSc in Mindfulness from the University of Exeter. Having MS too, means I get what it’s like living with the unpredictability and challenges MS can bring.

I started practicing mindfulness in 2014 at the point when I was searching for some different ways to better manage my condition. I had tried mindfulness many times over my life, failing dismally! And it wasn’t until I understood what the research was suggesting about the benefits of mindfulness and MS that I was able to create a powerful personal intention to practice. And over time (this is not a quick fix) it has helped me accept that I have MS and enable me, day by day, to live a little more easily with it.

Inspired by how mindfulness helps me, I wanted to be able to share this gift and teach others.  I have taught the 8-week mindfulness courses to PwMS, to individuals with chronic illness at Kings College Hospital in London as well as in organisations.

Course feedback

Please see the feedback below from our participants of our previous four-week course

I am enjoying my life more, being kind and compassionate to myself and have reduced my emotional irrational responses so am getting back to being myself again, and easier to live with

Definitely worth doing. The course facilitator had lived experience of MS so this was helpful. I was very happy to get onto the pilot of this course. It worked really well. Would recommend

This course made a huge difference to me and how I manage my MS, which has put me in a better position to support the people around me and help them cope with my diagnosis