Diet and nutrition – Nurturing brain and gut health for MS

Wednesday 14 February at 2pm

In this information session we will be joined by Shaun Barton from MS-UK’s Helpline team and Michelle Paterson, a nutritional therapist, where we will be discussing the different MS diets and how a good diet contributes to better brain health, providing a positive effect on MS symptoms.

Session outline

Shaun will take us through the variety of MS specific diets that have been developed specifically to help boost the body’s auto-immune systems including making dietary changes, the link between MS and gut health, known diets which have been developed with managing MS in mind and dietary supplements.

In addition, Shaun will be looking at some relatively quick and easy ways in which we can amend our daily dietary regimes, with a view to making them more gut friendly.

The second half of the session we welcome Michelle Paterson to explore how a holistic approach can help to support brain health and help better manage the symptoms of MS.

Modern life and in particular, modern ‘foods’ have led to an epidemic of inflammation. The inflammatory process is a driver of virtually all long-term conditions and a well-known key component in MS.

Positively supporting gut health is an important factor in reducing systemic inflammation – there are many simple ways to do this with diet and lifestyle.

While there is lots we still do not know about the brain, we do know that there is a ‘super highway’ between the gut and the brain. So, looking after the health of your digestive system can help with supporting all aspects of brain health – including mood, cognition, and sleep. We will also consider other ways to help the brain to function optimally.

The focus of this session will be explaining more about how these aspects work and day to day activities by identifying some practical things you can do to help manage symptoms.

We will have time at the end for your question and answers, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions on the topic discussed and how to find out more on the different diets and best foods available.

Our Diet and Supplements Choices booklet provides a comprehensive review of the most popular MS diets, supplements and includes a special focus on gut microbiome, click here for a copy.

About Michelle Paterson from Transition Nutrition

Michelle Paterson is a transformational Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who helps people to make a step change in their quality of life through advice and coaching on diet, supplementation, and lifestyle.

Her passion is to support people to transform their nutrition and lifestyle so that they feel happier and have the freedom to do the things they love, rather than just existing.

Michelle has a long history of helping people and organisations make positive changes. Initially supporting people who were offending, she later specialised in working with addictions and then in commissioning services for these groups.

Michelle started her own business, Transition Nutrition in 2017 following her own health issues. Alongside her nutritional therapy clinic, Michelle provides health and wellbeing coaching in GP practices in Colchester, Essex. She also provides wellbeing support services for staff and clients of charities.

Michelle can be found on:


Facebook (Transition nutrition NT and Heal your way to happy)


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