Mobility scooter insurance law scrapped

If you have multiple sclerosis (MS) and use a mobility scooter, there’s good news. The government has announced plans to scrap the EU’s new Vnuk motor insurance law which would have seen mobility scooter users having to buy insurance before they could legally use their vehicle.

The law requires people to insure a range of vehicles which previously didn’t need insurance, such as golf buggies, quad bikes, mobility scooters and ride-on lawnmowers, even if they are only used on private land.

Had this EU law been introduced in Britain, not only would it have cost mobility scooter users more money, but it would have pushed up car insurance premiums by an average of £50 per year as the insurance industry would have incurred extra costs which it would have passed on to customers.

Now that Britain has left the EU, the measures no longer need to be implemented.