Certain factors predict worse health-related quality of life in MS

Early factors that can affect the course of a person with multiple sclerosis’ (MS) long-terms health-related quality of life (HRQol) have been identified by a new study.

After diagnosis with MS, the factors which predicted worse long-term physical HRQoL were worse physical impairment, older age, and more severe fatigue.

Factors which predicted worse low mental HRQoL were being on a low income – at or below $50 – and not having education beyond secondary school level.

“People with multiple sclerosis report a lower quality of life when compared to people without the disease, and even those with other chronic conditions,” said study author Julia O’Mahony, PhD, of the Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg in Winnipeg, Canada. “There are several factors that may play a role. Our research sought to identify such factors so they can be addressed early in the course of the disease.”

The researchers added that these early risk factors are easy to identify for health professionals, and will hopefully provide opportunity for early interventions to help improve the lives of people through the course of their MS.