Image of multiple sclerosis work online support host Glenda

“We have developed into a group who are emotionally invested in each other”

“Hi, I’m Glenda! I live in Wiltshire with my husband and three teenagers (fondly known as the ‘threenagers’). I am a full-time wheelchair user, and full-time Head of Services for a local sight loss charity.

“After years of medical appointments, resulting in referrals to neurology, I had a ‘mild relapsing-remitting’ diagnosis confirmed in 2006. However, it wasn’t until an episode of optic neuritis in 2019 that multiple sclerosis (MS) really had much impact upon life.

Single parent life

“My previous husband had left the year before and I was struggling to rebuild my life as a perimenopausal single parent. By 2020, I had experienced a second episode of optic neuritis and had moved from an occasional walking stick user to a full-time rollator user.

“My physiotherapist first mentioned MS-UK the same year, and I got in touch. On expressing a desire to meet others who were still working, the setting up of a peer pod for this demographic was suggested and the rest is a very positive history of making new friends and finding a new sense of belonging.

Finding support

“This fortnightly peer pod, on a Wednesday evening, is attended regularly by a group of about 15 in a vast range of employment, including teachers, social workers, financial analysts, lawyers, doctors, IT professionals, administrators and more.

“Our conversations aren’t limited to work, but we have certainly spent time talking a lot about occupational health, medical retirement, adaptations, fatigue, disclosure, benefits, equality law, redeployment and more! We have developed into a group who are emotionally invested in each other, sharing challenges and celebrating achievements, and using a WhatsApp group to keep updated between meetings.

Come join us!

“We all enjoy welcoming new members and learning about their unique experiences, and we are growing in confidence at providing advice based upon our own diverse range of experience.

“Do join us if you are managing to work with MS. There is no pressure to talk or share more than you want. We look forward to meeting you!”