“I realised my self-worth. When I realised this, my whole outlook on things changed”

Diagnosed during the lockdown, Tanya turned to MS-UK for multiple sclerosis mental health support

multiple sclerosis mental health support

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in April 2020 at the beginning of the lockdown. Although I had symptoms for years, I was taken by surprise as it had never occurred to me it might be MS. I knew after some time that mentally I wasn’t in a good place, being a mum, partner and running a house along with working was taking its toll and I felt like I had no one I could turn to. I knew I didn’t want to suffer further so when I saw on Instagram a piece about counselling and how it helped, I thought, why not?

I didn’t know what to expect from counselling, I just knew it would help. I hoped someone would listen to me and give me advice if and when needed. And this is exactly what happened.

I was going through a lot at home. Halfway through the course, my partner and I were at loggerheads. I was feeling exhausted and not getting the help I needed indoors and my partner felt emotionally neglected. There was a lot of tension in the house. My counsellor Claire listened to me vent, and cry, and gave subtle advice which helped massively, and I realised my self-worth. When I realised this, my whole outlook on things changed. And now, to this day, my home is back to being happy.

I believed in myself and realised that I do matter. Once this happened, I made changes around the house, and this has helped me massively. I also came to realise I can catastrophise insignificant things that are out of my control, and once I changed my outlook on this, I became less stressed and worked up which helped my mental health massively. My family noticed the change in me and for the better.

I absolutely would recommend counselling. We have a lot to deal with emotionally. I felt like I had no one I could turn to, and just having someone at the end of the phone listening went a long way. I honestly am so grateful to Claire.

Can you help?

We know times are tough for everyone right now but even the smallest of donations this Christmas will help us make a real difference. We are determined to reach as many people affected by MS as we can and ensure they can depend on us when they need us in these uncertain times. With your support, we will ensure everyone receives the help they need when they need it most.