Jim fundraising for multiple sclerosis

Jim is determined to help others, despite his own daily battles

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) eight years ago Jim has experienced symptoms from loss of sensation, severe pins and needles, loss of sight in one eye, and a crushing feeling as if someone was squeezing him around his chest.

Despite all of this Jim continues with his love of cycling and this May took on the RideLondon challenge cycling 100 miles between London and Essex.

Jim’s partner Sasha describes how tough it is to watch him attend an active job, trying to keep his mind, brain and body healthy whilst continuing to have an extremely active hobby, however Jim is determined to support others in the same shoes as him.

“Jim is determined to help others, despite his own daily battles he never whinges, he gets on with it, which is inspiration in itself,” she says.

Not only did he finish the event in an amazing time, but Jim has also raised over £4,000 for MS-UK – enough to cover the cost of 800 people living with MS to benefit from group exercise online or connect with others to help beat loneliness and isolation.

Jim’s fundraising page is www.gofundme.com/f/ride-london-for-ms?qid=1eab22a601ba00e04d9ad6918a898ed1