MS womens' support

“I have built up some strong friendships within the group, and no topics feel like they are out-of-bounds.”

Our services support people like Claire, read her story…

“My main symptoms are my walking issues and fatigue. I used to trip up and thought nothing of it. After 10 years, and my walking becoming more problematic, I booked a doctor’s appointment. Three MRIs and six months later, I have multiple sclerosis. It’s not a huge surprise since my brother was diagnosed with this 20 before me.

“I have donated to MS-UK for many years. The first activity I engaged with was the Peer Pod for women. The group was a little more advanced than I was in my journey, so I swapped to the newly diagnosed group, and I felt more comfortable. It’s a weekly Zoom call with other recently diagnosed MSers who meet to exchange stories, offer support and advice, and be a sounding board for each other. I have built up some strong friendships within the group, and no topics feel like they are out-of-bounds! We have quite a few laughs along the way too.

“I think MS-UK is a lifeline for those with MS, or for those family and friends who are supporting someone living with MS. It affects us all, right? It feels like I am not alone on my MS journey, and that there is always a helping hand if I wobble along the way. Knowing that you are not facing challenges by yourself makes a real difference to me.

“I am super thankful for what I have today and my band of MS-UKers who are sharing their journeys along the way.”

Can you help?

We know times are tough for everyone right now but even the smallest of donations this Christmas will help us make a real difference. We are determined to reach as many people affected by MS as we can and ensure they can depend on us when they need us in these uncertain times. With your support, we will ensure everyone receives the help they need when they need it most.