Jacksons Workwear

Introducing this month’s MS-UK Fundraiser of the month – Jacksons Workwear

When life throws unexpected challenges, turning them into opportunities to make a difference can be truly inspiring. Meet our August Fundraiser of the Month Steve Lee, who works at Jacksons Workwear. His journey began over 11 years ago when he was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). This diagnosis became a catalyst for positive change, leading him to embark on a mission that’s making a lasting impact. 

‘I was first diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS over 11 years ago and as an active person, this came as a massive blow.  I had some symptoms for quite a few years before diagnosis, namely pins and needles in my hands and legs, tremors in my hands and fatigue.  Things gradually got worse until I had a bad episode which left me in hospital. 

‘I was then prescribed Tecfidera and Tegretol medication which helped my symptoms and generally any relapses were less debilitating. During the first Covid lockdown I got on my push bike as my permitted exercise and discovered that cycling really helped my symptoms, I found that if I was having an ‘off day’ that going for a cycle ride would make me feel so much better afterwards. 

‘After taking part in a local 100-mile charity cycle ride, I decided to arrange one myself to raise funds for MS-UK, after having found useful and supportive information on their website after diagnosis. 

‘My employers Jacksons Workwear Rental Limited were very keen to support me and helped with the organisation, including providing T-shirts, medals, food and drink, a support vehicle and goodie bags for the cyclists. Meetings and discussions were held to ensure all bases were covered. We also had support from The Post & Pantry Café at Donington on Bain who opened up especially for our cyclists and also Jubilee Park at Woodhall Spa who put aside a designated area for our lunch break, for which we were very grateful. 

‘We started our training several months before the day, doing rides of increasing lengths to get the cyclists prepared, which really helped on the day. 

‘When the day came, the cycle ride was a great success! All the planning and training sessions really paid off. We had 14 cyclists take part, 6 cycled 100 miles and 8 cycled 50 miles. The weather was kind to us, and we had amazing support before, during and after the event from many family members, friends and colleagues, which helped us along enormously.  All the cyclists finished safely together, some with more achy legs than others! It was a fantastic effort from everyone. 

‘Cycling has improved my general health enormously making me fitter and stronger which helps me manage my MS symptoms much better and I would encourage anyone who is able, to give cycling a try and hopefully feel better doing so. 

‘I was totally overwhelmed by the generosity of people donating, which far exceeded my expectations and by the support given from so many people. I am delighted to have been able to raise money for MS-UK and know it has gone to a great cause.’ 

Just as Steve Lee at Jacksons Workwear has demonstrated, every journey is an opportunity to inspire, create change, and support those in need. Stay connected with our community as we continue to share stories of strength and determination.