Thanks to MS-UK, my toes are no longer curled

Margaret Drummond shares how MS-UK has helped reduce her MS symptoms

ms toes curling

I have progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). Before the pandemic, my MS worsened and I had my bathroom converted to a wet room and needed to change my bed to an electric one.

During Covid, I tried a mindfulness course with MS-UK which I found interesting, helpful, and encouraging. Six of us in the class kept in touch with Monday Zoom meet-ups. We benefit from sharing our experiences and we’ve developed a lot of trust, meaning we share issues we would not share with other friends or family. It was one of these groups that recommended the exercise classes.

MS-UK’s exercise sessions have been of enormous benefit in increasing my core strength and muscles. The instructor, Alan’s cheery manner kept me returning and I realised that taking part in relevant exercise classes can lead to real improvements. Yoga with Tracy was a new and enjoyable experience too, and it helped with my breathing.

My condition has meant that for the past 20 years my toes have been curled up like claws. But thanks to taking part in MS-UK online exercise sessions and yoga, my toes are no longer curled.

I am very thankful to MS-UK for providing a vital service which encourages those of us who have MS to help manage our condition and keeps us informed.

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