Woman riding a mobility scooter, featured image for a blog around the topic of if you need insurance

Do I need insurance for my scooter, or other aids and equipment?

There is no legal requirement to insure a mobility scooter. However, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered and it is strongly recommended by the Department of Transport. The department recommends you take out insurance to cover personal safety, other people’s safety, and the value of the vehicle.

If you have a scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme (www.motability.co.uk), they can arrange insurance cover for you. You would be covered for

  • damage that stops the product from working safely
  • theft
  • legal liability for any damage caused
  • uninsured loss of recovered and legal expenses
  • cover for using the scooter/wheelchair in the EU for up to 30 days
  • replacement keys if lost or stolen within the British Isles
  • cover for permanent adaptations and/or accessories given to you with the product that are needed to help you use it

Also, if you cannot use your scooter or powered chair due to loss or damage, a temporary replacement will be given where possible to help keep you mobile. If a temporary replacement is not suitable for your needs, you may be able to claim for a ‘loss of use’ benefit.

If your scooter is not through Motability, there are other specific insurers that you can get quotes from. Generally speaking, a scooter or a powered wheelchair comes at reasonable cost. What happens if you have an accident? Or the scooter breaks down and you find yourself stranded? Insurance can help get you and your equipment home safely. Therefore, it is recommended to consider insurance. It can give peace of mind and protects the investment and helps to maintain independence and quality of life.

There are several companies that insure mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. If this is something you need help with, please contact our helpline directly and we can signpost you to some.

With regards to other aids and equipment, there are insurance companies who offer an in-home equipment insurance, this will cover things like hoists, stair lifts, ramps, floor lifts, riser recliner chairs, bath lifts, and adjustable beds. General wear and tear and also mechanical breakdown may not be covered.

Do you have a question? Why not call the MS-UK Helpline, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, on 0800 783 0518, send a WhatsApp to 07824 708897 or email info@ms-uk.org