An MS-UK Helpline information officer on a call

How the MS-UK Helpline can support you on your diagnosis journey

Shaun from the MS-UK Helpline team explains how they support people awaiting a diagnosis multiple sclerosis

Experiencing symptoms of a potential health issue without a definitive answer as to what the cause is can be stressful. That feeling of being in limbo, the symptoms impacting day-to-day life and our desire for answers that lead to a treatment can all be anxiety-inducing.

The journey to a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis can sometimes take a while as other conditions, which share a commonality of symptoms with MS, also need to be ruled out before an MS diagnosis can be confirmed. The diagnosis pathway can, therefore, be a process of elimination.

It is often a case of monitoring over a period of time to see if new symptoms appear or previous symptoms recur. This can prove frustrating as it can be hard to accept that a conclusive MS diagnosis can take months or even years.

At the MS-UK Helpline we are contacted regularly by people who are at various stages of their diagnosis journey. The many questions we get asked vary from person to person, however the most common themes include ‘is it MS?’,what is MS?’ and how is MS diagnosed? Often, those who contact us are looking for reliable information and a listening ear, both of which can help to relieve anxieties at such difficult times.

A key aspect of our role at the MS-UK Helpline is to ensure people who contact us feel listened to, which in itself can be incredibly therapeutic. We are also committed to providing information which is fact-checked, so you can be confident that what you are reading is reliable, preventing you from venturing down the seemingly never-ending internet wormhole of misinformation. For example, our ever-growing catalogue of Choices booklets are a well-founded source of knowledge about all things MS related.

So, if you are one of those people on the diagnosis journey and you have any questions, concerns or just wish to speak to someone who cares, contact us. We are a small team who strive to ensure that the support we offer is consistent, tailored to your needs and importantly, provided in confidence. MS-UK supports people living with MS to live healthier and happier lives. We will provide information and emotional support to help you make informed decisions about how you would like to live with MS.

The MS-UK helpline is open between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

How to contact the MS-UK helpline: