Can I take a mobility scooter on a plane? How does it work with the airport and airline?

The UK Government says if you are disabled you can travel with two items of mobility equipment free of charge. These are not counted as your baggage allowance. All passengers with reduced mobility are entitled to extra support, which is known as ‘special assistance’ when travelling by air. All airlines will have information on their websites about the special assistance they provide. You should let your airline know at least two days before departure, but ideally as soon as you can, if you need extra help.

When advising about travel with a mobility scooter the Civil Aviation Authority says that you should also tell your airline the make, model, weight, and dimensions of your scooter.

To help you get around the airport, you will usually be loaned a standard wheelchair. You can also be given help to move through the security checkpoints and be assisted to your seat on the plane. It is important to tell the airline about any help you need, as special assistance can be given with many aspects of your flight experience.

In terms of tips, it is a good idea to have the scooter’s operating manual to hand and make sure you have a clear set of details of how to assemble and disassemble the scooter.

It is also worth checking with your mobility scooter insurance company. This is to check your scooter is covered and for how much. Most standard insurance cover will insure your mobility aid for up to 30 days abroad.

If damaged in transit, the airline will be liable, however the amount of compensation is limited. You may want to take out extra insurance if your scooter is high value. If your equipment is damaged, the airport is responsible for providing a temporary alternative while yours is repaired or replaced.

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