can you still work with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis and social exclusion – #MSMakesMe

My name is Caroline Gray, and #MSMakesMe feel excluded

My old Walking group now go without me. How do I feel? #Excluded.

The choral singing I used to do on a high stage, I cannot do. How do I feel? #Excluded.

Jumping on a train to go up to London or booking an uncomplicated last-minute flight for a city break with friends, does not happen now. How do I feel? #Excluded.

Watching family paddle in the sea after a perilous walk across pebbles or left to mind the bags as friends climb Glastonbury Tor. How do I feel? #Excluded.

#MSMakesMe feel #Excluded.

And of course I smile and say “you go on, its fine, I will sit here on my scooter and admire the view, read a book, listen to the singing, watch you…” Whatever.

But it’s not fine. I feel excluded from things I used to do that others still do.

I feel excluded because my body won’t do what it did. I feel excluded, not deliberately by people, but I am just not able to join in as much.

“Oh but places are far more accessible now aren’t they?” Yes, they are but there is a long way to go to adapt buildings, events, transport, public spaces, and so on, to allow life to be spontaneous.

Outings, trips, holidays, meals out, visiting others houses all have to be planned, phone calls made, questions asked that others don’t need to.

Is there step-free access? Is there a step-free shower? Is there a ground floor toilet?

I want to be included, as I used to be, before I was “difficult to accommodate.”

I want to be included, but #MSMakesMe different, other, #Excluded.