I hadn’t realised how much help I needed until reaching out

Lizzy Taylor shares her MS story and how MS-UK has supported her MS journey so far

MS treatments Reaching out for help

After my diagnosis in August 2021, I was introduced to MS-UK by the NHS as a source of information about MS and MS treatments.

I have found MS-UK great, they provided me with trustworthy information and were understanding and compassionate during diagnosis and as I was coming to terms with it during the year that followed and when I was trying to decide which treatment might be best for me.

MS-UK has provided so many different services to me since my diagnosis. The helpline gave me information and a listening ear during difficult times and when I felt I didn’t get the support I needed from my GP.

They have been a great resource in helping me to learn and understand multiple sclerosis (MS), having no experience or knowledge of it before my diagnosis. They have provided information and tools to help me compare treatment options which helped me and my neurologist to come to a decision about the best treatment for me.

Finally, the invaluable counselling service has been so beneficial to me in coming to terms with my diagnosis. It has helped me process my thoughts and feelings and provided me with practical tools to use beyond the sessions. I have been allowed to feel my difficult feelings in a safe confidential space and come out of it in a more positive place, making my future with MS a much less scary prospect, and giving me some hope for my future.

I was unsure about reaching out at first, thinking that my MS wasn’t bad enough to warrant needing help. I hadn’t quite realised how much the diagnosis had affected me and how much help I needed until I did reach out. I would encourage anyone to try it. However big or small the support is that you think you might or might not need, you have nothing to lose.

Can you help?

We know times are tough for everyone right now but even the smallest of donations this Christmas will help us make a real difference. We are determined to reach as many people affected by MS as we can and ensure they can depend on us when they need us in these uncertain times. With your support, we will ensure everyone receives the help they need when they need it most.