MS support groups online Judith Craig

‘MS-UK’s Peer Pods were a huge help to me when I was very lonely’

Judith Craig shares how she has found MS-UK’s Peer Pods a great support for her and her MS

I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) which has become worse recently.

My mobility is very bad now and I cannot stand without an aid. I very recently had to sell my bungalow and move into an assisted living flat. My husband divorced me when I was diagnosed with MS 18 years ago. I have a son and daughter but neither live anywhere near me.

I first engaged with MS-UK Online during the pandemic when I joined two of the Peer Pods.

These were a huge help to me then when I was very lonely. I still join these pods and find them a massive support. I feel I know the people well even though we have never met in person. Well, I did meet one many miles away when I last visited my son. We got on so well and I felt I had known her for years! We really do support each other through our daily challenges, and it is a help knowing we all have our different problems and can sometimes help each other. Thank you so much for starting this service.

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