mobility scooter for multiple sclerosis

“If I didn’t have my scooter, I would be house-bound”

Mick Waters on why he relies on his mobility scooter

I have lived in the pretty village of Brockham, Surrey, for over 40 years. Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) but was still able to carry on working as a Postman up until 2008. So, when I was medically retired and stuck at home most of the time a friend from a therapy centre I attended suggested I get a mobility scooter.

After trying a few makes out I found the TGA Breeze S4 was most suitable for me, a sturdy-built scooter suitable for roads, paths and even some of the farm tracks around where I live.

Having just got a dog, Sasha, a border collie from a colleague at work, we set about getting her used to the scooter so I could take her for walks. This didn’t take too long as she was a puppy and was familiar with large vehicles as she came from a local farm.

When out and about on my scooter with Sasha alongside me everyone seemed to want to stop and chat, a really good way to meet my friends from the village. Sadly, our Sasha died two years ago but we now have our second dog, a rescue border collie mixed with a few other varieties, from Bulgaria called Lily.

I can even go to the local shop and although I can’t get inside, I’ve always got my mobile phone with me and just one call and they will bring out what I need.

I now use a wheelchair all the time but luckily, I can still transfer to my TGA and get around the village and meet my friends. If I didn’t have my scooter, I would be house bound.