Lisa McAdams virtual bike fundraising challenge

Lisa’s virtual biking challenge

‘Little did I know when I first thought about doing some sort of challenge using my therapy bike, the huge amount of support I would get from family and friends.

Not that I underestimated their kindness, but rather that I just wasn’t quite sure how challenging to make it. I’d had the therapy bike for a few months, and my initial intention of using it every single day to help my multiple sclerosis (MS) hadn’t really happened. I thought to myself, ‘if I set myself a target and tell everyone, then surely I’ll have to do it’. That, coupled with my desire to show my appreciation to MS-UK for the amazing work they do, led me to what turned out to be quite a good idea.

I worked out that the distance from my home in the Midlands to the MS-UK office in Colchester is 168 miles if going by bike. I realised that cycling every day for 28 days in February would mean covering 6 miles per day on the therapy bike. In the end, I managed to cover 170 miles on my virtual journey and completed it in 26 days, that’s how much I was enjoying it!

I’m so pleased that I was able to raise some money for MS-UK. I have gained so much from their exercise and yoga classes, workshops, information sessions, not to mention the amazing Peer Pods. They provide ways to keep moving, support, information, friendship and wellbeing. I have been diagnosed with MS for 24 years and MS-UK really is the most amazing charity I have ever come across, I cannot praise them highly enough. I’m only too pleased to have been able to do a little something in return’.