sharon D charity indoor skydiving

Reach for the sky

Sharon Dillon’s skydiving for MS-UK after being diagnosed last year

I have multiple sclerosis (MS) and had the condition for over five years when I was finally diagnosed in 2021. I currently control the MS, it does not control me.

I get fatigued along with other issues like neuralgia and neuritis, but with the fatigue it is pretty much like I’m an old Nokia phone that when unplugged has no energy left.

I have struggled with my injections and medication in the beginning but now I think I have controlled this a lot better.

Anyway, enough about me – every person with MS deals with different issues – there are so many things to contend with.

I’m doing a skydive for MS-UK and as my bucket list has had to be re-drafted, I’ve added this indoor skydive to it instead!

I don’t want to lose ‘me’, so if you know me and see me about, please ask if I’m OK. It may be I just need help making a cup of tea when laden with a walking stick – I may cry but that’s another symptom and my supportive manager and family and all my close friends have had to deal with this on occasions – so thank you.

I want to do this for the charity and help raise money to support people with MS in many ways such as specialist counselling, and a national helpline for information and support.

They also have New Pathways, a magazine to support people with MS and their families, MS- UK Online mindfulness sessions, and Peer Pods to meet others with MS and to reduce isolation.

If you can donate even a £1 that will help… I’d be so grateful.

It would mean so much to me and I really don’t have the words to express my gratitude… oh you might say Sharon is speechless…that’s a first! My brothers and friends could and would say more about that!

My Justgiving page is