My MS Marathon

Debra’s My MS Marathon story

In July of 2021, I was beginning to feel the depression covering the country after so many months of Coronovirus lockdowns.

My daughter works for MS-UK and asked out of the blue if I would like to take part in My MS Marathon using the number 26 to create my own challenge.

I was unsure at first as I didn’t know where to start but thought I had nothing to lose, so I agreed!

She, along with the rest of the fundraising team at MS-UK, gave me lots of ideas to help with fundraising. They helped me to set up my own fundraising page through JustGiving. The team gave me all the support I could have possibly needed and provided a go to phone number for assistance with a would check in with a weekly catch up on my fundraising.

I decided to take on some walks dressed in different outfits, through streets meeting people and just putting smiles on faces.

I raised £276 (maybe not a lot in comparison to other events that take place) however, to me it was an amazing feeling. To know that my efforts may have just helped one person get the help they needed desperately, was enough.

I can’t thank my daughter and MS-UK enough for helping me too. By taking part in My MS Marathon, I improved my fitness and now I love to walk and talk to people!

Thank you, MS-UK!

Are you feeling inspired by Debra’s story? My MS Marathon is back for 2022 and we would love to have you join #TeamPurple and support people affected by multiple sclerosis!