Complementary therapies for MS – download your essential guide!

Find out the huge range of complementary treatments out there and how they can help with MS symptoms

The use of complementary therapies by people with multiple sclerosis (MS) is relatively common, with a recent study reporting that approximately 70 percent of people with MS have used at least one form of therapy to help them manage the condition. Indeed, in the production of our revised booklet we asked the MS community to tell us about their use of complementary therapies. Just over 85 per cent of responders stated that they had used a complementary therapy to manage MS, with anxiety, pain, mobility issues, fatigue and spasms and spasticity being the most common symptoms they were looking to target. The most popular therapies used by responders were massage, meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Any therapies and treatments that fall outside of the domain of mainstream healthcare can be deemed as being complementary. They are not a strict group of therapies and despite being known as complementary, as the label suggests, can be used either in isolation or in tandem with conventional approaches.

The time has come for us to officially launch our recently revised information booklet that focuses on complementary therapies and how they can be used to manage the impact of MS.

Our revised booklet provides information on all of these therapies and more, including the recent scientific evidence which underpins their effectiveness in managing MS. That said, there is still much more need for robust studies to be undertaken for many complementary therapies in order to underpin how efficacious they can be in managing MS and its associated symptoms.

Furthermore, we signpost to the most relevant UK-based organisations which oversee the practice of the different therapies which we refer to. This affords you the chance to find out more about each therapy and also locate an accredited teacher or practitioner.

Finally, throughout the booklet you will find quotes and words of wisdom from people with MS, passing on their experiences of using various therapies to manage the impact of MS, which you may find helpful, supportive and possibly inspiring.

You can view our revised complementary therapies booklet now on our website.

Alternatively, you can order hard copies free of charge via our online order form or by contacting the MS-UK helpline.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can access complementary therapies such as mindfulness, meditation, qi gong and chair yoga via our online activities portal.