Connect 24

To all the gamers out there! Here at MS-UK, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our very first gaming challenge… Connect24! Whether you’re an occasional gamer or a professional streamer, everyone is welcome, so buckle up it’s time to Connect and Play for MS-UK!

Charity gaming challenge Connect 24 logo

Gaming is a great way to stay connected with others, no matter what time of day or night, or where you are in the world; there are always people to speak to on online games!

Connect24 is the gaming challenge with a difference, now is your chance to do what you love for a good cause. What’s even better is that everyone who signs up will receive their very own their very own MS-UK funky coaster for your drink, to help you stay hydrated and focused throughout your challenge. When you reach your fundraising target of £100, you will be awarded with your very own Connect24 medal and certificate!

Every single penny that you raise will help more people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), and we couldn’t be more excited to have you on board! Read on to find out how to get involved!

People taking part in a charity gaming marathon

Choose your Connect24 challenge, raise £100 doing something you enjoy!

  • 24 hour gaming marathon
  • 24 hour combination – split the time how you wish (8hrs Saturday, 8hrs Sunday, 8hrs Monday)
  • 24 hour tag with friends or family (you do 6hrs, a friend does 6hrs, another friend 6hrs and so on)
  • 24 games over the weekend, play all of your favourite games and more!
  • 24 tournaments, speed runs, completion lists, levels – set up a challenge with friends and family!
  • Or, do your own thing!  You do not have to own a console to join in, you can play board games, games on your phone, games online, quizzes, cards, recreate your favourite TV game show at home …any games of your choice!

Own it – sign up here and set up your fundraising page!

Nominate your friends and family, gather your virtual team to connect and play or go it solo! It’s a bank holiday weekend so the perfect time to get friends and family together, even if it is virtually!

Notify your friends, family, colleagues and everybody you know about your challenge! Share your fundraising page on social media platforms and spread the word using our hashtags #Connect24 and #PlayForMSUK. Remember to include why you are supporting MS-UK! We would also love to hear from you so please share your stories, your challenges, your achievements and photos with the fundraising team here at MS-UK

Eat and drink regularly – make sure you have plenty of food and drink to fuel your marathon and stay hydrated. Plan your rest breaks to help keep you focused and determined! Maybe you could get somebody to bake cakes and cookies to help with your fundraising!

Connect and play! Enjoy your challenge and have fun!

Time to live stream and get sponsored! If you haven’t live streamed before, find out how to get started here.

24 hours, games or tournaments of fun!!