Writing for wellbeing

What: Introduction to writing for wellbeing 

When: Monday 03 October at 11am 

Where: On Zoom 

What can writing do to enhance our wellbeing? While it is not a quick fix for all life’s problems, writing is a fun and creative activity which allows you to explore your thoughts and feelings. The workshop facilitator is Georgi Gill, a writer who has been living with MS for nineteen years. She has found a regular writing practice to be a particularly useful tool for responding to the daily pressures of life with MS. By promoting greater self-awareness, writing can help to increase confidence, making us better equipped to deal with challenges and communicate our feelings and experiences more effectively to others. 

Our introductory session is a great way to find out about writing for wellbeing and try a couple of writing activities.  

Please see below the overview of the introductory session and information about Georgi Gill. 

About the writing for wellbeing introduction session 

In this friendly and informal taster session, Georgi will share some examples of different types of writing and the benefits that a regular writing practice can bring. She will also lead the group through two short writing exercises so that participants can start to explore how writing might enhance their wellbeing. Georgi will be on hand to support you if you require help or assistance to complete your writing.  

We will also let you know the details of our eight-week Writing for Wellbeing course coming up in October. 

You may prefer to write by hand, type them on a device or voice record them. Please bring along paper and pen or make sure you have access to a suitable device for typing/recording your poem. 

The session has an optional donation and we have a suggested donation of £5 for this workshop. 

If you would like to know more about this session or would like help registering, please email register@ms-uk.org.  

About Georgi 

Georgi Gill is a Fife based writer and researcher. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 and her life with MS inspired her to develop her current PhD research at the University of Edinburgh. This research explores the potential of poetry to inform and transform dialogues between individuals with multiple sclerosis and others.  

With a previous career in teaching and also as Learning Manager at the Scottish Poetry Library, Georgi has extensive experience of devising and delivering creative writing workshops and projects for participants of all ages and from all walks of life. As part of her current research, she has delivered online writing workshops for groups of people living with Relapse Remitting, Primary Progressive and Secondary Progressive MS. 

One of Georgi’s core beliefs is that writing lets us experiment with words to find new ways of speaking to ourselves and each other from the heart. Writing is a creative act we can all enjoy and benefit from! 

Georgi’s work is widely published in anthologies and magazines. Her first full length collection of poetry Limbo was published in 2021. You can find out more about Georgi at https://georgigill.com/