The Big Purple Games sign-up form

Price: £ 500.00
Please make your £500 payment to secure your team’s place in The Big Purple Games.
*We ask that each team raises an additional £500 before 23 June 2023 in order to participate, which is just £50 fundraising per person. Due to the nature of this event and the cost to the charity, the fundraising associated with this event is fixed.

Terms and conditions

By entering a team in The Big Purple Games your team agree to the below terms and conditions.
All participants must be 18 or over. Teams agree to pay £500 to secure a place for their team in the event. Teams are then required to fundraise a further £500 by Friday 23 June 2023, in order to take part in the event. If your fundraising is less than £500 on Friday 23 June 2023, you will be responsible for paying the balance to MS-UK before Friday 30 June 2023. Gift Aid does not count towards your fundraising total. All participants accept full responsibility for use of any and all equipment and facilities operated by MS-UK’s event suppliers “Knockout Challenge Ltd”. All participants take part at their own risk and shall not hold Knockout Challenge Ltd, MS-UK, Colchester Rugby Club its employees or agents liable for any and all loss, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained from taking part in this activity, except as a result of any negligent act or omission of Knockout Challenge Ltd or its employees or agents. Participants accept that the activities that will be offered could be strenuous and demanding and that good health and a degree of fitness level is required. Previous medical problems must be made known to MS-UK who will inform Knockout Challenge Ltd prior to the commencement of the event. Particularly broken bones and dislocations. Knockout Challenge Ltd may exclude entrants they feel are not suitable to take part in this activity. Games must be carried out as demonstrated or explained only. Participants should only compete to a level which safely matches their own ability and not over stretch themselves where they may affect their own or others safety. Suitable footwear such as ‘trainers’ should be worn at all times. No bare feet, except such games where specifically permitted. Some games may include the use of water and bubbles/foam. Participants must take extra care on games that have wet surfaces so that they do not slip. Excess speed or bad grip from footwear may increase this likelihood. This includes games that have become wet because of inclement weather conditions. Anyone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be excluded from the games without question. Participants of the games give their consent to being photographed or videoed whilst taking part. This may be used for publicity purposes.