Peer support service


The MS-UK Peer Support Service has been developed to create an online community for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) to connect with others that share a common interest, in a positive and supportive space.

This community is comprised of individual ‘Peer Pods’ that are formed in connection with our online activities.

When you access one of our activities, such as an exercise class, Chair Yoga or Mindfulness, for example, you will be invited to join the relevant Peer Pod. You can join a Peer Pod even if you have not taken part in one of our online events but simply would like to meet, connect and get to know others online.

What is a peer pod?

The Peer Pods are groups that are made up of other attendees (both past and present), that hold regular sessions via Zoom, in order to share experiences, provide support and encouragement, and just to socialise in general in a safe space. These sessions are facilitated by a volunteer Peer Supporter who has been recruited from within the group.

We know how isolating it can be to live with a challenging condition, but we have seen what a difference it can make to be able to talk to others that completely understand.

If you would like to be part of the Peer Support service and get involved with one of our Peer Pods, please contact our Peer Support coordinator Vicky who can let you know more about the service. Please email peersupport@ms-uk.wdl.co.

Please read our Peer Pod guidelines to ensure that the pods become and remain safe spaces for everyone involved.

Pilot peer pod

We are currently in the process of developing our new Peer Support service. We will be offering several ‘common interest’ themed Peer Pods that will each hold weekly sessions via Zoom.

In the meantime, however, we have a pilot Peer Pod called ‘Keeping Connected’, which is held fortnightly and facilitated by one of our volunteers, Sarah.

These sessions are held on alternate Tuesday afternoons at 3pm and are open to anyone affected by MS, with the purpose of bringing people together to chat, encourage each other and socialise in general. Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier!

If you are interested in joining us, please email Vicky at peersupport@ms-uk.wdl.co and she will give you more information.

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