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Treatment shows remyelination promise

A new experimental treatment has been shown to promote the restoration of the myelin sheath in preclinical models of the disease. ABX-002, which is being developed by Autobahn Therapeutics, is a thyromimetic – a lab-made molecule which is designed to mimic the activity of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone stimulates the oligodendrocyte cells which make and repair myelin.

Ian Duncan, PhD, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, presented the results at the 2022 Myelin Gordon Research Conference, held May 22–27 in Barga, Italy.

“Our findings are highly encouraging and suggest that treatment with thyromimetics can lead to robust remyelination in the CNS, resulting in neurologic recovery,” Duncan said. “I’m pleased to present these data in collaboration with Autobahn, which highlight a treatment approach that could have a significant impact on people suffering with MS.”