Treadmill training may help manage cognitive effect in MS

Treadmill walking exercise training could help manage THE cognitive effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) according to a new study published in Contemporary Clinical Trials.

The single-blind randomised control trial saw 11 participants who had MS and were able to walk but had MS-related impairment for new learning allocated to either 12 weeks of supervised treadmill walking, or to a control group of 12 weeks’ low-intensity resistive exercise.

In the treadmill group, researchers noted improvements in memory and verbal learning, and the hippocampal volume was preserved.

“This study is an important first step in the development of an intervention targeted at the specific cognitive domains affected by MS,” said Dr. Sandroff. Ph.D., senior research scientist in the Center for Neuropsychology and Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation.

The researchers said larger studies are needed to explore the connection between exercise and functional and structural changes in the brain.