This DMT combined with vitamin D may promote remyelination

A new study found a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS), combining Mayzent (Siponimod) and vitamin D was found to improve motor function and help restore damaged myelin sheath.

Researchers in Saudi Arabia divided mice with MS into four groups. Untreated control, oral vitamin D3 treatment, Mayzent, and a combination of vitamin D3 and Mayzent. Each group was then examined during the early remyelination phase (week 5 to week 7.5), and late remyelination phase (week 7.5 to week 9).

The mice who were treated with the combination, or just vitamin D alone, performed better on speed tests, in the earlier phase but not in the later one. Mayzent on its own didn’t seem to affect their walking speed. The mice given the D3/Mayzent showed an increase in the distance they could travel, but the other groups didn’t.

Myelin basic protein, which experts believe plays a big role in remyelination, was significantly increased in the mice given the vitamin D/Mayzent combination compared with untreated mice, but not in the mice given either the single vitamin D or Mayzent.

“Therapeutic effects of this combination were observed at several levels,” said the research team, adding that the vitamin D3 plus Mayzent shows promise as a future treatment for human patients.