Veils of CBD oil from cannabis clinic - featured image for online UK cannabis clinic

New online UK cannabis clinic offers MS treatment hope

A new online cannabis clinic has opened in the UK to treat people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other chronic pain conditions.

Opened by the Kanabo Group and powered by GP Service, an online platform where patients can pay to see a GP virtually, the clinic is called Treat It.

Its aim is to offer a solution to people for whom other pharmaceutical drugs have proved ineffective, or who are frustrated by the long wait times for referrals.

The clinic can access patients’ medical records and offer access to an appropriate physician, usually within 24 hours, and provide medical cannabis.

Once a prescription is processed, delivery of medical cannabis to a partner pharmacy is typically made within a week, with repeat prescriptions arriving usually the next day.

The clinic said in a statement that millions of people are suffering needlessly in the UK because of the time constraints involved around access to medications, and says it can offer a solution to this.

The clinic’s website is