2022 UK’s Best Workplaces for Women MS-UK third place winners

MS-UK wins third best workplace for women award

MS-UK has just been awarded third place in the 2022 UK’s Best Workplaces for Women out of 263 other ranked organisations.

What this means is that MS-UK is a great place to for all, including women. The recognition means it is an organisation where people trust each other and employees are able to reach their full human potential, no matter who they are or what they do.

The award also means MS-UK recognises that women are a valuable talent pool and strives for fair representation of women in the workforce. In fact, the entire senior management team at the charity is female, as is the chief executive officer.

Other ways MS-UK champion women is with their flexible working policy to allow staff a better work/life balance, paid time off for medical appointments, a dedicated menopause policy as well as staff training in equality, diversity and inclusion, which aims to eradicate prejudice and discrimination on the basis of an individual or group of individual’s protected characteristics such as race, gender or sexuality. The charity also focuses on employee wellbeing and holds regular events to help promote this.

As Benedict Gautrey, managing director of Great Place to Work UK, explains, ‘Now in its fifth year, our 2022 list showcases the largest collection of Best Workplaces for Women that the UK has ever recognised. These results are based on what women themselves have anonymously reported to us about their workplace experience and how well represented they are in the workforce and management.

‘Ensuring people aren’t discriminated against, placing positive value on our differences, creating fair access and advancement for all, and fostering a sense of value and empowerment in employees is what being a Great Place to Work is all about. Only by first identifying the gaps in workers’ experiences can organisations truly take action to close them, which is why analysing employee experience is important. We are proud that the data and insights we provide organisations helps on that continuous journey – and it’s wonderful to celebrate so many Best Workplaces for Women this year, across all sectors and organisational sizes.’

Amy Woolf, CEO of MS-UK said, ‘We are proud to promote equality for all at MS-UK. When I joined MS-UK as CEO I was one of the youngest female charity CEOs in the UK, it’s great to see that women in the workplace across all sectors are achieving better equability in the workplace.’