Bladder and Bowel Community issue plea

Published 15 March 2022

People living with multiple sclerosis (MS) can often have issues with their bladder and bowel function, so much so that even leaving the house can cause extreme anxiety.

In March 2021, the Bladder and Bowel Community announced the launch of the first ever toilet card using Smartphone Digital Wallet Technology – the NEW Digital Just Can’t Wait card. A year on, the Just Can’t Wait Card is relied on by over 160,000 people, with a new petition raised to ensure people aren’t turned away when in desperate need of a toilet.

Now the movement needs your help. A woman called Tara Dolman has started a petition to get the card included in the Equality Act 2010. Tara’s dad suffered anxiety leaving the house and felt trapped in his own home. “My aim is to get the card included within the Equality Act 2010, but even if I can put something in place that educates retailers in understanding the impact of having a bladder or bowel condition, that would be a big step forward.”

The petition has over 5,000 signatures. The Bladder and Bowel community is now asking everyone who can to sign and share the petition to raise the issue of toilet access with businesses and public spaces and help people living with a bladder or bowel issue to get to a toilet if they need one.

The Just Can’t Wait Card has provided a lifeline to thousands of people in the UK, providing a meaningful way to communicate the urgent need to use a toilet. It is also the first toilet card to use digital wallet technology. Accessing a toilet is now harder than ever, with public toilet facilities closing due to lack of funding or misuse.

We’ve all been caught short – but the consequences can be devastating.

Paula, who downloaded the Just Can’t Wait Card told us, “It’s given me so much confidence and freedom knowing I’m not the only one suffering”

Laura tells us “It has given me the confidence to risk going somewhere where public toilets may not be available as standard. Thank you.”

To sign the petition to make the Just Can’t Wait Card recognised under the Equality Act 2010, click here.

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Download the Digital Just Card wait card here: