Mobility and flexibility masterclass

Friday 15 March at 2:30pm

Our masterclass on mobility and flexibility promises to be an engaging and informative session led by Alan Pearson, a Level 4 exercise coach known for his expertise in delivering MS-UK online exercise classes. As the new year unfolds, this session marks the beginning of a series of masterclasses designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

Alan will delve into the crucial aspects of mobility and flexibility, emphasising their impact on our range of movement, posture and balance. Particularly relevant for those dealing with symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), where muscle spasticity and tightness can significantly affect daily functioning, this session aims to empower participants with practical knowledge and exercises to improve their quality of life.

Throughout the masterclass, Alan will share valuable insights and demonstrate a variety of stretching and mobility exercises targeting key areas including ankles, knees, hips, back, chest, shoulders, wrists and neck. From lying down to sitting and standing positions, participants can expect to learn techniques that address common barriers to mobility, helping them overcome stiffness and discomfort while enhancing overall body balance.

Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tightness, aiming to increase flexibility or simply interested in maintaining optimal movement function, this session offers something valuable for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to join Alan Pearson and fellow participants for better mobility and well-being.

About Alan Pearson

Alan is a level 4 Exercise Specialist, who works with individuals with long-term neurological conditions. Alan has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past 20 years and specifically with those with MS for the past ten years. Alan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise specifically for individuals with MS that enables him to design, develop and deliver professional services for MS-UK. The online classes offer those living with MS the chance to stay independent, improve their function and maintain a stable condition.

How to book

To join this session, please login or register in our Portal area. The session is free to join if you have a monthly or year subscription. You do not need a subscription to join, as you can register and provide a donation for the class. The suggested amount for the class is £5. If you unable to make a donation, please contact us to see how you can access the online classes.

A recording will be made available on the portal after the class and can be viewed if you have purchased a ticket either before or after the class has taken place.

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