MS-UK Knitting Challenge

MS-UK Knitting Challenge

Calling all crafters! MS-UK are inviting you to join #TeamPurple and take part in our new Knitting Challenge! Wherever you are, you can get involved to make every stitch matter to help people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Starting in November right up until Christmas eve, we’re asking you to knit or crochet Christmas stockings and ‘sell’ them to anyone you know to raise money. Or instead of stockings, why not create hats, scarves, or jumpers?! Your ideas are welcome, and all abilities are encouraged whether you’re just starting out or at expert level, we want you to join us!

Thought about giving knitting or crochet a go? We encourage beginners out there to take on the challenge as a new hobby!

Did you know that knitting and crochet has been scientifically proven to

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Act as a form of meditation and mindfulness

What are you waiting for?

To join our #TeamPurple Knitting Challenge all you need to do is…

  1. Sign up to the challenge
  2. Set up your JustGiving page
  3. Come and join our craft community on Facebook
  4. Grab your yarn and go!

Once you’ve registered and set up your fundraising page, we’ll send your free welcome pack which will include your stocking pattern and some exclusive MS-UK fabric labels to stitch into your creations.

Our friends over at Wool Warehouse have offered a 10% discount code that we will send you to buy supplies for the challenge.

Those that raise £100 and over will be rewarded with a limited-edition branded tote bag and certificate in the new year! Reach your £100 target your own way by

  • Asking for sponsorship to knit or crochet
  • Selling your creations to everyone you know and charge a set fee per item
  • Taking bespoke requests for colourings or sizes and charge a fee
  • A combination of the above

Your knitted or crocheted creations will be the perfect giftable item for the festive season to sell to raise money. Scale up or scale down and get creative with colours! Why not use your own yarn scraps as a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to take part?

Be part of something special this season and make every stitch matter for MS!

Knitting challenge FAQs

Event questions

I’ve signed up – what happens next?

A member of our fundraising team will be in contact with you shortly. In the meantime, we’d love if you could set up your JustGiving page and join our Facebook group

How do I receive my welcome pack?

Once you’ve registered to take part and your JustGiving page is set we’ll send out your welcome pack.

Will you send me any wool?

Your welcome pack won’t include any wool, however, it will include a pattern and branded fabric labels. Could you use your own yarn scraps to get started? You might have a friend or family member who might like to donate some wool! Or why not check out your local second-hand shop for supplies?

Do you have any other resources you can send me to help my fundraising?

We can send you sponsorship forms or collection boxes to aid cash donations, just get in touch at or call 01206 226500 to arrange.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?

The MS-UK Knitting Challenge starts in November and runs until 24 December. As a suggestion, you could use the month of November to create and gain sponsorship and December to sell your creations to everyone you know to raise money!

What if I don’t complete my challenge?

We want you to enjoy raising awareness and funds to help MS-UK. Do what you can and let us know if you think you might not complete your challenge so we can advise further.

Do I send my Christmas creations to MS-UK once I’ve made them?

The idea of the challenge is to gift or sell your items for sponsorship to anyone you know to raise funds towards your £100 target.

Fundraising questions

How much do I have to raise?

Your target is £100, and we’d love if it you wanted to keep going once you’ve reached this

How do I send any cash or cheque donations I’ve received?

Cheques made payable to MS-UK can be posted to


D3 Knowledge Gateway

Nesfield Road



For any cash/bank transfers please send using the details below

Account name: MS-UK Sort code: 40 23 10 Account number: 41623508

Please make sure to include your name as a reference so that we can link this to your records.

How do I fundraise?

Share your JustGiving page with everyone you know for sponsorship and to proudly tell them what you’re doing! People may like to sponsor you just for taking part or ‘buy’ your creations from you to help you reach your target. Or both! We can send you sponsorship forms or collection boxes to aid cash donations, just get in touch at or call 01206 226500 to arrange.

How do I add offline funds to my JustGiving page?

Please see JustGiving guide on how to do this.

Can I raise money without a JustGiving page or through Facebook instead?

Please contact or call 01206 226500 so a member of the fundraising team can advise.