Media Peer Pod

This Media Peer Pod is for those of us who enjoy books, TV, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, apps, films, box-sets and streaming services. We will be sharing what’s new to watch, listen to or learn from. Join us to chat, review and share your recommendations with us.

When Every Monday afternoon at 3pm on Zoom

For more details email Vicky Timmins, MS-UK Peer Support Coordinator, peersupport@ms-uk.org.

Find out more about our Media Peer Pod host, Amanda...

“Hi everyone, my name is Amanda and I’m 48. I was first diagnosed with MS 19 years ago, but have had SPMS for the past nine years. Although medically retired now, I previously had a fulfilling career in Investment Banking, which enabled me to live and work in London, Frankfurt and Singapore and in return for hard work (!), enjoy fantastic travel opportunities across the world.

Since I stopped working, I have personally benefitted from the fantastic support of MS-UK and particularly their exercise programmes, Chair Yoga, information sessions and New Pathways magazine. I am volunteering as a Peer Supporter for MS-UK because I want to help give back to the people that have helped me and hopefully provide support to other MS’ers across the UK and even beyond.

My interests are wide ranging, but I really enjoy TV, streaming services such as Netflix, podcasts, audiobooks/books, films, photography and photobook making, online learning and researching family history.  So, I thought that I could volunteer to host a Peer Pod covering some, many or even all of these things (depending on people’s interests of course!) under the banner of the ‘Media’ Peer Pod.

I look forward to meeting you, having a friendly chat and sharing our tips and recommendations with each other!”