Masterclass on balance

Friday 17 March at 2pm 

With the success of our masterclasses last year, we are starting with a new series in 2023 which once again are being delivered by our resident exercise coach Alan Pearson. 

These sessions are fun, informative and interactive. Alan will help you have a better understanding and give you practical exercise tips on overcoming daily challenges. 

The first in the series of masterclasses with Alan will be talking about the physical components that make up our balance relating to our brain, postural holding, spatial and visual awareness, plus how multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms further impact balance. 

This includes covering the processes of how balance is regulated within the body and understanding how the four systems (vestibular, sight, proprioception and cerebellum) play different roles in maintaining balance. 

Alan will be demonstrating and giving some understanding and advice on simple balance and postural challenges in sitting, standing and walking positions to stimulate sensory and visual perception that will help with balance and stimulate our neural pathways and body awareness. 

Session outline 

  • Overview of the physical components that make up our balance  
  • MS symptoms affecting balance 
  • Demonstration of simple balance and postural exercises in sitting, standing and walking positions to stimulate the neural pathways  
  • Question and answers with Alan 

How to take part?

To join one of our classes, please visit our portal area to register. We have a subscription covering monthly and yearly options that allow access to all our online activities, plus an option to donate per class. The donations are important to ensure we can deliver and sustain online classes in the future. 

If you would like to know more about the session or need help registering, email register@ms-uk.org. 

About Alan

The classes will be taken by Alan Pearson who is a level 4 Exercise Specialist for individuals with long-term neurological conditions. Alan has been working within the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, specifically with people with MS for more than ten years here at MS-UK. 

Alan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that enables him to design, develop and deliver professional services for MS-UK to ensure those living with MS can stay independent, improve their function and maintain a stable condition. 

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