Managing stress with kindness

Wednesday 13 December at 2pm

In this workshop we will be joined by Rachel Wyartt and Priya Shah from Killti (Finnish for kindness), an organisation who provide personal development training using the power of kindness.

This session is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of stress, its physiological and psychological effects on the body and the empowering influence of kindness in alleviating stress. By the end of the session, participants will have gained practical tools for stress reduction and kindness promotion, contributing to enhanced physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Aims of the session

  • Have an understanding of stress, and how too much of it negatively effects our bodies and overall health
  • Have an understanding of kindness and how this counteracts stress and positively effects our body and overall health
  • Have a toolkit to reduce your stress and be kinder to you, so you are in less pain and feel good

The session will be dedicated to understanding stress, covering its definition, manifestations and exploring its impact on the body both mentally and physically. Following this, we will define kindness, examining its various forms and positive impacts on overall health.

We will then explore the interplay between kindness and stress, shedding light on how kindness serves as a potent countermeasure. This will be followed by sharing how you can build a toolkit for stress reduction with kindness, incorporating practical strategies and exercises for integration into daily routines.

At the end of the session we will open up for question and answer for the opportunity for the group to discuss and share personal insights and experiences.

The session will conclude with a recap of the key takeaways and motivating participants to develop their own action plans for stress reduction and self-kindness. In closing, participants will leave the workshop armed with a holistic understanding of stress, an enhanced appreciation for the transformative effects of kindness, and a tailored toolkit to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and compassion.

How to book

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About our presenters


Rachael, with an extensive background in health and social care, has devoted her career to various settings, including care leavers, sexual health, and helplines for charities and statutory bodies. She played a key role in designing industry standards for helplines. Through her company, Kiltti, Rachael provides guidance to charities on establishment, governance, policies, procedures, and helpline operations. Collaborating with Authentic Responses, Kiltti offers training to enhance skills and well-being, emphasizing kindness. Rachael is a qualified trainer and an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach.


Priya, an Accredited Trainer and Coach, specialises in designing and delivering communication skills, monitoring, evaluation, self-care, and resilience training. With a diverse background in non-profit organizations, startups, and small businesses, she has excelled in people and project management roles. Priya’s extensive helpline experience involves setting up the Mental Health Helplines Partnership and collaborating with over 50 services, including Sane, Mind, Rethink, and Young Minds. Additionally, she has managed projects focusing on service feasibility, setup, and helpline reviews, including collaborations with the Department of Health and Department of Education to develop support services for children and families.