Love to Move

Starting Wednesday 18 January 2-3pm 

We welcome Bridget Poulter who is a ‘Love to Move’ dance instructor and will provide us with the opportunity to experience the benefits of movement through dance-based exercise.

The British Gymnastic Foundation (BGF) devised Love to Move based on Japanese research into the benefits of ‘bi-lateral asymmetric’ exercises with dementia. After this initial work the programme has been expanded to develop classes specifically for people with MS. Love To Move combines a unique mix of physical and mental exercises stimulating memory, imagination, and physical coordination: parts of the brain other activities may not reach. 

What to expect from the session 

Love To Move is suitable for those to take part both in standing and seated positions. The class will be mostly seated with options to move lower limbs, improve hand coordination, and strengthen the all-important core muscles. Bridget will use a mix of directive exercises that challenge not only the body but also the brain, with memory games as well as more improvised movement and rhythmic explorations. The best thing is to come and try it yourself! 

To take part all you need is somewhere comfortable to sit (and maybe stand) with room to stretch out your arms and if possible to put your feet flat on the floor, a screen (laptop or tablet), enthusiasm and curiosity.  

The class will be interactive for participants to contribute ideas and lead movements in what’s called ‘pass the movement’. The session will start with a gentle warm-up to settle and a sequence to raise the pulse before moving on to guided exercises and some memory games. Bridget ends by moving together, incorporating themes or movements from the session.  

There’s no obligation or expectation: just do what you can and feel comfortable doing and explore alternatives that might be good for you and others. 

We have a suggested donation for all our classes of £5, but you can make a donation of your choosing from of £1. If you unable to make a donation, please contact us to see how you can access the online classes (register@ms-uk.org). 

If you would like to know more about this session or help to register, please email register@ms-uk.org. 

Bridget’s biography 

My grandmother had MS and lived with us growing up so I became aware of the condition and its challenges from a young age. My eldest sister was then diagnosed about 17 years ago. I am passionate about raising awareness of MS and have fund raised several thousand pounds for my local charity The MS Trust including a 24-hour Shimmython. After some years working in marketing I retrained as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist at Goldsmiths, London.

Having taught Egyptian belly dance as a hobby, I’d witnessed the magic of creative movement to express emotion, lift mood, and connect with others. I based my MA dissertation on work at the MS Therapy Centre near my home. I have also trained as a Keep Fit Association teacher and am a licensed ‘Love To Move’ deliverer holding classes online and in person since 2018.