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Introduction to HSCT (haematopoietic stem cell transplantation)

Wednesday 17 August at 7pm 

For this introductory workshop on HSCT (haematopoietic stem cell transplantation), we will be welcoming Alison Coates, co-founder of Auto Immune and Multiple Sclerosis (AIMS), a charity that helps people access HSCT and supports them all the way through their treatment journey.  

The session is a chance to get a better understanding of how HSCT works, the protocols associated and the potential the treatment has for people with MS. Alison will share her husband James’s story, how they founded AIMS and the support the organisation provides individuals through stages of HSCT treatment. 

We have just launched our latest Choices booklet on HSCT and you can view a downloadable copy by visiting our page here.

Please see below the session overview. 

  • Introductions 
  • The autoimmune community in the UK 
  • HSCT and different health conditions 
  • The impact of COVID in this community  
  • James’ HSCT story and how AIMS was established  
  • HSCT protocol in the UK 
  • Purpose of AIMS 
  • Stories from the HSCT community  
  • How to get in touch 

The session will finish with questions and answers for a chance to put your questions to Alison. 

If you would like to know more about this session or would like help registering, please email register@ms-uk.org 

We have a suggested donation of £5 for this information session, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. 

If you can’t make the session live, don’t worry as we will be recording the presentation and will make it available to watch again for all those registering in advance. 

About AIMS 

AIMS is the UK’s first registered charity to support UK residents with autoimmune disease and Multiple Sclerosis. AIMS raises awareness, and signposts patients to the relevant medical professionals who provide advice and support. The organisation also offers grants to assist with HSCT patients’ travel and expenses. 

Visit the AIMS website to see how the charity helps support people seeking HSCT and for information on the treatment itself www.aimscharity.org/.  

About Alison 

Alison Coates is the co-founder of AIMS along with her husband James who received HSCT in 2016. They were both aware of the misinformation available to MSers about the treatment and the lack of awareness of professionals and felt very strongly about helping others on their journey to halt the progression of MS. So, they and other like-minded individuals who had received HSCT founded AIMS to support others like them. You can hear their story by visiting our blog page here