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Healthy habits for life introductory workshop

Tuesday 13 September at 1:15pm 

MS-UK Introductory workshop – Healthy Habits For Life 

This workshop provides an introduction to our healthy habits course which is all about making the right lifestyle choices when living with multiple sclerosis (MS). The session will be taken by Natalie Tennant who will be demonstrating the ways to support adopting permanent healthy habits which contribute to sustainable weight loss, a healthier lifestyle and a positive relationship with food, alcohol, your body and other negative lifestyle choices. 

The aim of the session will be encouraging participants to focus on their wider health and wellbeing, identifying what they want and why making changes is important for them and their MS. Natalie says “Change is achieved by people becoming aware of their beliefs, eating and drinking patterns including emotional, comfort eating habits and adopting small changes to move in a healthy direction”.  

Objectives of ‘Healthy Habits For Life” Introductory Workshop: 

  • Answer the question, “Do diets work’?
  • Clarify the causes of weight loss resistance and weight gain
  • Communicate why making changes to improve our overall health first is so important
  • Explain why making small changes and making ourselves accountable really does work!
  • How this can help with MS

We will then take a look at Natalie’s eight-week “Healthy Habits For Life” programme, that with enough interest from the introduction session we hope to host later in the new year. 

The Healthy Habits For Life” eight-week programme overview: 

  • What it is NOT – i.e. it is not a prescribed diet and it is not an exercise class
  • What it IS – a fun, supported, enjoyable way to achieve a healthier lifestyle and manage your weight, based upon your own individual informed choices and food preferences 
  • Share the eight-week programme breakdown and Case Study

If you can’t make the session live, don’t worry as we will be recording the presentation and will make it available to watch again for all those registering in advance. 

We have a suggested donation of £5 for this workshop, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. 

If you would like to know more about this session or would like help registering, please email register@ms-uk.org.  

About Natalie  

Natalie Tennant is the director of Naturallyfit4Life and has twenty plus years in health, wellbeing and the fitness sector supporting hundreds of women and men including adults living with long term health conditions including multiple sclerosis, chronic arthritis, back pain and limited mobility, to make lasting healthy lifestyle and diet changes.

She is the former Director of an award-winning CIC, working with targeted populations in deprived communities. She also has a BSc degree in Physical Education and Sport Science from Loughborough University, fitness certified and trained by YMCA Fit and specialist training and experience in nutrition, weight management and working with targeted groups.