Exercise Masterclass

27 May 2022, 2-3pm

We are bringing back our Exercise masterclasses from last year, with our next one being our Foot Drop Master Class with Alan Pearson, MS-UKs Exercise Coach.  

Foot Drop refers to the inability to flex ones toes and foot by the ankle. This effects your ability to walk and an increased risk of trips and falls, due to getting your foot caught or dragged across the floor. 

Here is an excerpt from Alans Foot Drop Blog post from last year.

‘It is a pleasure to be able to put together a series of masterclasses around exercise and education in MS. I spend a lot of time working and educating people around their symptoms and seeing the effects that MS has on their bodies, whether walking, sitting or tasks of daily living. By helping people have better knowledge and understanding about their MS symptoms, it allows people to have more independence and improve their quality of life. 

As an exercise coach, I have been working with people with MS and other neurological conditions for the past nine years and if you have been following our online classes or joined in one of the many information sessions from our fellow professionals, you will be building a wealth of understanding that will help you on a day to day level, reduce symptoms and help maintain a more stable condition.’ 

For this class, Alan will be

  • Showing exercises to help and manage with Foot Drop by providing support and maintain more of a neutral foot position 
  • Look at how Foot Drop influences other factors such as sitting, standing and walking on a daily basis 
  • Discussing types of equipment, such as Foot Drop stimulators and Foot Orthosis to assist Foot Drop 

If you like the sound of this masterclass or may find it helpful, please come and join us! 

If you would like to register for the session, There is a suggested donation of £5, but you can donate any amount from £1 to attend. 

Please read our Health Screening Questionnaire before taking part in the exercise session.

Please see the feedback from our previous masterclasses 

I thought the session was nothing less than brilliant. So practical, so reassuring, and so understanding. Alan is amazing. – Jackie

I loved how practical & positive it was. Gave me lots to think about. – Pam

All of the online programmes that you’re offering at the moment are absolutely brilliant by the way, I can’t praise them enough, so thank you! – Lisa

I found Alan’s talk and insights into balance most useful.  I’m looking forward to trying out the exercise – Susanna

We have a suggested donation for each session of £5, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. If you are having trouble registering for the class or would like to know more, please email register@ms-uk.org

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