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Exercise Masterclass

Walking with MS masterclass  

Friday 26 August at 2pm 

During our series of masterclasses this year, we have covered balance and foot drop for multiple sclerosis (MS) and we will now be bringing the two topics together to focus on walking. 

Identifying the problems with walking can be difficult as there are many elements to the walking cycle, but understanding where in the walking sequence is proving problematic will focus the attention for the areas needed to work on.  

Many people with MS have difficulties when walking for various reasons, whether this is due to balance issues, sensory problems with foot placement, catching the foot as they step or experiencing weakness in the leg muscles. The masterclass will look at how you can identify these areas and demonstrate how to improve the different components of the walking cycle. 

What to expect from the masterclass? 

Alan Pearson our exercise specialist will break down each phase of walking and give some useful exercises to practice to help improve balance, coordination and overall walking and confidence. There will be explanation on what is meant by ‘gait’, the typical phases of the walking cycle and to help improve the efficiency and safety of walking. 

As always, Alan will deliver the session in an enjoyable and informal manner. So, come and join us on Friday 26 August at 2pm. 

If you are unable to attend the masterclass on the day, don’t worry as we will be recording the session. Please register for the session via Eventbrite in the normal way and the link to the recording will be sent shortly after the session finishes.  

There is a suggested donation of £5, but you can donate any amount from £1 to attend.  

If you are having trouble registering for the class or would like to know more, please email register@ms-uk.org 

Please read our Health Screening Questionnaire before taking part in the exercise session.

About Alan

Alan is a level 4 Exercise Specialist, who works with individuals with long-term neurological conditions. Alan has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past 20 years and specifically with those with multiple sclerosis for the past ten years.Alan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise specifically for individuals with MS that enables him to design, develop and deliver professional services for MS-UK. The online classes offer those living with MS the chance to stay independent, improve their function and maintain a stable condition. 

Please see the feedback from our previous masterclasses 

I thought the session was nothing less than brilliant. So practical, so reassuring, and so understanding. Alan is amazing. – Jackie

I loved how practical & positive it was. Gave me lots to think about. – Pam

All of the online programmes that you’re offering at the moment are absolutely brilliant by the way, I can’t praise them enough, so thank you! – Lisa

I found Alan’s talk and insights into balance most useful.  I’m looking forward to trying out the exercise – Susanna

We have a suggested donation for each session of £5, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. If you are having trouble registering for the class or would like to know more, please email register@ms-uk.org

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