Exercise Masterclass

Core and floor masterclass

Friday 23 June at 2pm

Here we are with the next masterclass from Alan Pearson, our exercise specialist who can help you gain a better understanding about functional movement patterns that engage, strengthen and provide a foundation for all aspects of movement.

Understanding movement patterns can lead to better posture, balance, coordination and stability. What we do with our arms and legs to perform different movements, needs a good core foundation! So, in this next masterclass we will be focusing on core and floor exercises.

Exercises that encourage better functional engagement of your core muscles will allow for better stability around your spine and pelvis. These can include movements of daily living from washing and dressing to walking and exercising.

This session will highlight the use of different strategies such as breathing techniques, core assessments, exercise progressions and regressions. These techniques will help improve how you stabilise against the stresses and forces placed on the body through different activities.

Session overview

  • Understanding movement patterns
  • Understanding the structure of the core
  • How to assess and practice core exercises
  • Exercise examples to practice
  • Questions and answers

This will be a fun, interactive and informative session, so please come along and get involved.

You can revisit our last masterclass session on balance by visiting the previous ‘Events’ section of our portal.

How to book

This session is free to join if you have a monthly or year subscription. You do not need a subscription to join, as you can register and provide a donation for the class. The suggested amount for the class is £5. If you unable to make a donation, please contact us to see how you can access the online classes (register@ms-uk.org).

Joining the class

If you have purchased a ticket to join the class live, a blue button saying ‘Join class’ will appear at the bottom of the page 15 minutes before the class is due to start.

Viewing the recording

Shortly after the class has finished, the recording will be made available and a blue button will be visible at the bottom of the screen for everyone who purchases a ticket either in advance of the live class are after it has been held

If you would like to know more or you are having trouble registering, please contact us at register@ms-uk.org.

There is a suggested donation of £5, but you can donate any amount from £1 to attend.

Please read our health screening questionnaire before taking part in the exercise sessions.

About Alan

Alan is a level 4 Exercise Specialist, who works with individuals with long-term neurological conditions. Alan has been working within the health and fitness industry for the past 20 years and specifically with those with MS for the past ten years. Alan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise specifically for individuals with MS that enables him to design, develop and deliver professional services for MS-UK. The online classes offer those living with MS the chance to stay independent, improve their function and maintain a stable condition.

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I thought the session was nothing less than brilliant. So practical, so reassuring, and so understanding. Alan is amazing. – Jackie
I loved how practical & positive it was. Gave me lots to think about. – Pam
All of the online programmes that you’re offering at the moment are absolutely brilliant by the way, I can’t praise them enough, so thank you! – Lisa
I found Alan’s talk and insights into balance most useful. I’m looking forward to trying out the exercise – Susanna