Emotional impact

It is important to not underestimate the emotional impact MS can have on your working life.

Whether you are newly diagnosed and considering disclosing to your employer or accepting that reasonable adjustment are now needed to help make work more manageable, or maybe you are looking into ill health retirement on your working life, stirring up emotions which can sometimes be difficult to deal with.

When MS impacts working life, it can become difficult and overwhelming. It is so important that you look after your emotional wellbeing. MS-UK have a Choices booklet all about MS and mental health which can help you to understand your feelings and find ways to help manage them.

The MS-UK Helpline can provide emotional support and an understanding listening ear. Additionally, the helpline can signpost you to relevant organisations which can offer further support regarding employment issues.

Talking through how you are feeling and working through your thoughts with a professional can be helpful. MS-UK holds a directory of private qualified counsellors who have completed our Counselling People with MS training course. If you would like a copy of the directory, please contact our MS-UK Helpline. Whilst we cannot endorse the professionals on our list, we do ensure they are all qualified and have an awareness of multiple sclerosis.

Speaking to others affected by MS about their working lives can also provide a good source of support. The MS and Work Peer Pod is for those who are living with MS and still working, whatever the profession.