Diet, supplements and gut microbiome workshop

Workshop – Diet, supplements and gut microbiome

Wednesday 23 November at 11am

In this Diet and Supplements workshop, we will be joined by Shaun Barton from the MS-UK’s Helpline team and Natalie Tennant from Natural Fit 4 Life, who will be reviewing our ‘Diet and Supplements’ Choices booklet which has been updated with the latest information on diet and nutrition for MS.

The new and improved Diet and Supplements Choices booklet provides a comprehensive review of the most popular MS diets, supplements and includes a special focus on the gut microbiome.

Shaun will take us through the range of MS specific diets that have been developed specifically to help boost the body’s auto-immune systems and provide a summary of supplements available which are beneficial in helping maintain a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation.

Natalie who leads of Healthy Habits course will be discussing the link between the gut microbiome, MS and symptom management. Increasingly, there has been a growing number of studies focusing on the connection between the gut microbiome and the incidence of autoimmune diseases such as MS. The findings suggest microbial imbalances in the gut of people affected by MS can lead to bacteria escaping through the intestinal barrier and leaking into the central nervous system increasing inflammation.

We will hear from Natalie about the latest research behind the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, the good and the not-so-good food choices you can make and how small, manageable changes can be worked into your diet to ensure gut health is promoted to reduce symptoms of MS.

This will also include a focus on the importance of probiotics and prebiotics and the difference between them. Studies have shown that consuming probiotics can have a positive effect on slowing disease progression, mood and the general health of people affected by relapsing remitting MS. Whilst more research is needed, it is thought these findings can extend to all people affected by MS.

We will have time at the end for your question and answers, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions on the topics discussed and how to find out more about the different diets and best foods available.

If you would like to join us for this session, please click the ‘Tickets’ button above. If you are unable to make the session live, don’t worry as we will be recording the presentation and will make it available to watch again for all those registering in advance.

There is a suggested £5 donation for this session.

If you would like to know more about this session or would like help registering, please email register@ms-uk.org.